Its Me; Ashley

{February 2, 2010}   Migraines

1. Suck
– if you’ve never had them then you suck

2. Show up at the most craptastic times which solidifies number one

3. 7 month olds don’t alleviate the symptoms, they make them worse

Since I can’t take any pills til the hubs get home ( they make you feel like you’re dying no joke) I’ll have to make due with alternative methods.

Here are some of the things I do or have tried, I’m always open to anyone elses imput on the matter:

Cold ( freezer cold) can of soda or juice to back of neck

Migraine pillow : see bed bath and beyond

A dark, quiet room: I have 2 kids so this one is a mystery to me but I’ve heard in some strange land without kids it works

A massage to the head and neck, especially helpful if it’s coming from an expert, man oh man it’s awesome I recommend spa minerale it’s in lansdowne *heaven*

Praying this goes away…….


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