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{February 4, 2010}   Retailers trying to make money surprise surprise

I have a lot of friends who are pregnant with their first child and have gone to register at the typical stores. I myself was just on that road not too long ago but luckily had experience with what I really needed for baby #2. Looking at all these registries makes me laugh and gives me a headache. These poor girls have registered based on what Babies R Us and the like have told them they needed. The results? Way too much stuff they either A. Don’t need or B. Won’t use

My best friend took me with her to register and I’m proud to say I not only helped her get exactly what she needed, but I had several other customers ask me my advice in the process (thinking I was some baby consultant). So Megan and those other ladies do not have registries filled with useless items (ex: baby wipe warmer c’mon now). I cannot say the same for my other girlfriends. After looking at their registries I could only sigh, when you have so much stuff you don’t need on there you might get people buying that instead of all the important things you do need!

It’s the same situation when you go off to college and bed bath and beyond gives you a list of junk that won’t even fit in your tiny dorm room or junk that isn’t even useful, leaving items off the list that you actually need like headphones to block out your annoying roomies choice of music. Or when you get married, how many of us actually use more then one salad spinner? Or 20 different variations of a spoon? Yep, that’s what I thought. They are only after your money, shocker I know.

Not a rant just a thought……


Steve says:

This article has several good suggestions, they have got really aided me

good Steve I’m glad 🙂

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